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Niël Jonker
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Niel Jonker's Landscape Painting Tours

It is my genuine pleasure to be the host of a series of landscape painting tours to some of my favorite locations, where novices, professionals and even spectators are invited to join me as we explore our feelings for the environment through the timeless art of painting. The tour is two days, and you will come away from it feeling challenged and invigorated.

Self-catering 2-day painting trip
R600 per day (two painting sessions per day, over two days)
Monthly trips - enquire by email to for future dates.

Learn the essentials of creating a sound painting outdoors while making new friends and becoming more aware of your essential creative contribution. The idea is not to learn to paint like Constable in three days. Rather, it is my aim to instill in you the confidence to start painting and then maintain a daily practice, all through a heightened sense of regard for the natural environment.

Paint on site all morning and afternoon, ending each session with a group discussion over coffee or drinks. Evenings will be for connecting either with the group or quiet time. The foundation principles of composition, light, harmony, etc. are built on toward disregarding the rules for new discoveries in paint.

Feel the thrill of completing a landscape sketch that possesses all the life that is only achieved by working direct from nature in-situ, experiencing the sense of regard for nature that is the unique reward of this art form. Order a complete painting kit or bring your own things (prepare to chuck out!) Please note that dates and locations are subject to change due to weather, and keep an eye on this site for updates.

Niel Jonker's Landscape Painting Days

In addition to the tours above, I have booked the last Saturday of some months as landscape painting days. Enjoy a full day in the picturesque Baardskeerdersbos region painting direct from the landscape. Practical pointers on how to trim down your painting paraphinalia and simply looking at ways to use oil paint rapidly and effectively are looked at, while considering the development of a personal temprement best suited to working outdoors. A fast and furious session to catapult you into this exciting practice.

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