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This month sees two solo exhibitions and some developments in my approach to artmaking, along with much sharing with friends and lovers of art and food.

Niel Jonker artwork 12-36 Stoepstoel

Continued forays into the veld has found new expression in the form of site specific sculpture. As is the case with painting direct from nature this has involved working on location, while employing some natural materials, and being a thorough workout.

Image: Head Cage

As I write this I am in the final stages of installing a sculpture in Prince Albert. This soloshow is titled Kwaaikop and it takes on a bit more social responsibility than my work usually does as it makes an appeal for personal non-violent activism. Visit PArt from 28 to 30 September, the new festival dedicated to fine art exclusively, set inthe very special town of Prince Albert.

Ledelle Moe's sculpture Transition / Displacements

If you go down to the woods today … Or rather the bos this weekend, you'll be in for a big surprise. At my home exhibition on the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route of 22 and 23 September a beautiful sculpture is installed in the forest adjacent our home. Ledelle Moe's exceptionally moving cement sculpture titled Transition/Displacements is installed in the forest next to our home. Moe has lived and worked in the USA for too long and will hopefully come home soon. Her work has been exhibited internationally and I am excited to have my old friend's work in what is now the official Bos Gallery.

In addition to some of my bronze sculpture I will be displaying more of my landscape paintings while also hosting good friend and fellow painter Weyers du Toit. Please do join us on the stoep during this most beautiful of months when the Strandveld radiates with beauty, and enjoy several solo exhibitions and much hospitality. I may even persuade my pal Val to draw his guitar closer, and then we'll be in for a surprise!

Bbos on the stoep

The transformations contained in the natural processes of bread making continue to captivate and attract foodies that wish to share in these observations, glass of wine in hand. The two last workshop dates of this year have been set, and since several of this year's workshops having been booked out it is best to make reservations early. Thank you to all who have taken part to make these events so rewarding and affirming.

Lastly, this winter has seen a life size sculpture created for a project with several friends and sculptors. The sneak preview below betrays the seriousness of art in today's world of social challenge.


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